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What is included with my kittens for sale?

All of our kittens receive two Heska Ultranasal Feline immunizations, a felv/fiv test, and a parasite fecal exam. Intranasal vaccines are used since they are safer for the babies and do not require injections. Male kittens are neutered as well before being adopted. They also have a written congenital defect warranty.

How do I reserve my kitten?

A deposit is required to hold a kitten. You can choose between a boy or a girl, as well as seal or blue. We can generally have your kitten ready in a couple of months, and because we don’t have enough cats, we often have older kittens for sale. We do, however, allow reserved kittens to visit when they are 6 weeks old. We’ll also send a photo every three weeks once they’ve started to show some color.

What’s your opinion on declawing on kittens for sale?

We adhere to all AVMA declawing policies. If you are on blood thinners, have an immunological condition, allergies, or are through chemotherapy, we can declaw your kitten humanely before you take it home. While declawing is a contentious topic, it is generally agreed that kittens that are declawed earlier in life heal more quickly than cats who are declawed later in life.

Why would I get kittens for sale from a breeder instead of an animal shelter?

For thousands of years, animals have been deliberately selected to be better adapted to their environment and position in society. To keep their food safe, ancient Egyptians bred cats to be outstanding mousers. Modern cat breeds and kittens have been bred to be sociable, social indoor pet cats with a silky, plush coat in the same way. Furthermore, the health of the parents is closely monitored, as is the environment in which the kittens are nurtured. This isn’t the same as rescuing a nice little kitten from your local animal shelter and selling it. Everyone should do what is best for themselves and their families. you can also get to us by searching kittens near me on google

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We are proud that our relationship with you does not end when you take a kitten home from us. We’d like to assume that as a responsible breeder, skilled kitten counselors, and die-hard kitten lovers, nothing could possibly go wrong with our kittens. Certain things, though, are beyond our control. The health of a kitten is determined by a variety of factors, including genetics, exercise, food and nutrition, and overall care. If something goes wrong, we’ll do everything we can to help, even if our guarantee doesn’t cover it. While we cannot guarantee that your kitten will never have a health condition, we can assure you that we will do everything possible to ensure your new family member’s health.


1: Is it really safe for the kitten?.

I get a lot of questions about shipping a kitten; people want to know if it’s safe and how it works. Isn’t he/she going to be scared? How much time does it take? Isn’t it going to be difficult for the kitten to be alone in a crate for such a long time? This is how I explain the shipping procedure to people so they can feel more at peace about adopting a kitten.

2: Shipping a kitten Is Very safe: See Below Details

Shipping a kitten alone to a new location sounds harsh and humiliating, but I believe it is more difficult for us than for the kitten (s). I know for a fact that all of the kittens are well cared for because of my many years of shipping experience. So, if you think about it, the airlines aren’t going to abuse the kitten(s) for fear of being sued and losing customers. I tape kitten(s) food and feeding instructions to the top of the crate so that it will gradually thaw out for the kitten(s) and the kittens will be fed food throughout the journey.

3: How long is Shipping?

The usual flight time is between 2 and 9 hours. I usually inquire about any delays or layovers, as well as the exact hours and departures of the planes, so I am aware of where the kitten is and can provide you with the necessary information. The kitten will be delivered the same day it is mailed, usually within a few hours.


Following payment, we are able to transport your cat by air.

We have a large number of excellent couriers on our team. When the kittens need to be transferred to the buyer’s location, we call on their services. The kittens are transported with food and water in an airline-approved container. They’ll arrive with a big Kitten kit tied to their carrier, as well as their registration, immunization record, and health assurance. All of our airlines use same-day shipment, which keeps the kittens safe and secure. They provide expedited shipment.

If the Kittens must fly in the cargo section, it is pressurized and kept at the same temperature as the passengers, with the same air filtered in. We’ve been shipping kittens for over ten years and have never had a problem. Your kitten will spend less time “sitting around” while waiting for processing if you send it priority.

They can expect to be taken off the plane right away, with no extended waits before, during, or after the journey. They are supplied by hand to each counter. We do not sedate the Kittens prior to travel because our veterinarian does not advocate it. The kitten was made available to the majority of households between 15 and 30 minutes after the plane arrived. When your kitten comes, you can pick him up in the cargo pickup area or behind the ticket counter. Before releasing the kitten to its new home, the airlines require some type of identification. We would like you to call us after you have picked up your kitten and gone home to let us know how the cat is doing. A certified health certificate, vaccination and worming record, registration, Kitten food, chew toy, 1-year Health Guarantee, and Pet carrier with food and water dish are all included with each kitten shipment. (When shipping via air, the Pet Carrier is included.)